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Hi, I'm Ellen!


I have a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in education, and a doctorate in educational psychology. While my education has given me knowledge, it is my experience working with adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities that has given me the expertise I need to support children and families. 


In 1997, I worked for two years as a clinician in an outpatient rehabilitation clinic for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There I assessed children with disabilities and helped provide a framework for special education services in schools. I also worked with families to provide help with behavioral support and other educational services. 


Since then I have worked with many organizations across three states, including organizations such as Head Start, Arc of Haywood County, and other groups that support children and adults with disabilities.  


I have also been teaching at the university level since 1997. I have taught classes that cover special education, disability awareness, laws and regulations pertaining to individuals with disabilities, and support for children and adults with special needs. 


As well this experience in education and advocacy, I'm also the parent of a child who was in the special education system for many years. I know that it can be confusing and frustrating. But I also know there are ways to help you navigate the complex special education system and help your child grow! 


Dr. Sigler is very knowledgeable about the laws and the rights of individuals with disabilities in the community and in the school.  Her passion is evident through her actions, her drive, and her commitment to this population.


Through Ellen I learned a greater depth of compassion and understanding for individuals with disabilities. Her influence was fundamental in shaping the Occupational Therapist that I am today. I admire her and I am honored to call her my friend, to partner with her as a board member for LIFESPAN, and to work with her in absolutely any area of life. These skills and the many more she possesses make her a powerful advocate and ally. 


Malia Proveaux, MOTR/L, Occupational Therapist 

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